The Truth about Cancer

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 “Yet, Bread and cookies are still always available at all 

                     the cancer patient waiting rooms..."

    Cancer is thought of and taught as a crazy outlying, esoteric disease which will never be solved or healed without the typical western medicine treatment we see now a days(such as chemotherapy).  However, The opposite is true and 99.9% of the time this cancer issues or “Dis eas of the blood”=(Leviticus) and immune system can be reversed More and more, we are seeing a significant rise in cancer rates amongst youth, as well as cardiovascular disease(  

Cancer is simply an unclean and/or unalkaline environmental issue.  When we clean up the environment, we also clean up the cancer and or blood dis ease issue=All dis ease. 

   All disease is simply an issue of the blood(Leviticus 2:13) We must clean the blood in order to clean the health issue and/or the disease(prequel to cancer)  The blood dis ease issue eventually leads to a heart issue and eventually cardiovascular disease.(48% of Americans). We must heal every aspect of the body before we can heal the actual issue at hand. 

   Cancer is one of the worst so called supposed stages of dis ease and disharmony on a cellular and neurological level. First the cancer patients health goes down drain and then after the health of the individual is taken by the medical system; the individual is now more prone to insulin issues(diabetes and Alzheimers). “Type 1 diabetics were 93% more likely to develop dementia.”


Alzheimer’s is really just an insulin or blood issue=Type 2 diabetes)Before cancer can truly set in and wreak havoc or death in the cells body, issues with the skin and blood insulin(diabetes) will first be experienced(typically). 

     The skin doesn’t lie and is the body’s largest organ system. ( )When the cell becomes degenerated … the skin is the 1st system that we will start to notice or experience the dis ease and/or internal/external health issue develop. Remember, that cancer and all dis ease cannot live in an oxygen rich and properly alkaline environment. Most hospitals are offering their cancer patients cookies, milk and coffee in the waiting room.  Do you think cookies, milk and coffee is good for cancer or disease growth? So we must search for alternative and pure methods of cleaning and cleansing dis ease(cancer) from the body.  So how do we cleanse the skin…. and how do we create an alkaline environment where cancer cannot thrive or live? 

“A molecule produced in the liver in response to low-carb “ketogenic” diets has a powerful effect in suppressing colorectal tumor growth and may be useful as a preventive and treatment of such cancers”

    The answer is basic and rather primitive. Motion is lotion for the body , for cancer issues and the body’s overall cell structure. “A common feature of most tumors is a low level of oxygen, called hypoxia, the severity of which varies between tumor types”-

   When we workout  we allow proper amounts of oxygen back into the cell again.  when we use the sauna and when we combine these “motion” filled healing modalities with herbs and a proper alkaline /ketogenic/low carb meal plan, we ensure that we are not feeding the cancer through excess sugars, carbs and or heavy metals from fake or bad foods/waters. 

    So by moving the body regularly for a short period of time(5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours) we ensure the body stays in an alkaline filled oxygen enriched environment. As long as we move the body(squatting, walking, stretching, pushups) we will not experience the calcification of the cell=Cancer. Like mentioned previously, motion is lotion and the more we move, the more we are able to allow the body’s largest organ(skin) to sweat and heal/purge the body of unalkaline materials like heavy metals, excess yeast, mold and Candida. (

   It was the 1930’s , in New York City and there was a new medical doctor(Dr.Howland) no one had ever heard of before until the implementation of the ketogenic diet for children with epilepsy and its effectivity against such GABA disorders or anxiety, panic, cancer, heart and seizure issues. The children who were having GABA issues(seizures uncontrollably) were placed on a ketogenic diet and their seizures decreased anywhere from 50-90% without the use of pharmaceuticals or drugs.  Also, the individual who attempts ketogenic diet will experience 50-90% less health issues(all around health issues) once that individual starts to practice a low carb diet consistently and regularly. “Is the keto diet good for seizures and GABA?The keto diet has proven effective over time to help epilepsy/GABA level.( )

  Pure Celtic Salt also, is very effective in restoring the body’s alkalinity/homeostasis levels=82+ Minerals. Salt acts as a neurotransmitter and activates the DNA. When the dna is activated(and stays activated) disease cannot thrive in a DNA activated and proper oxygen filled and alkaline diet(ketogenic)environment. Combining salt in water before, during and after exercise(or any day in general) will ensure that the body is receiving the 82+ minerals(found in celtic salt) that it needs to function properly/.
When the body is receiving the proper minerals for the day, the salt will help to delight the body’s blood stream and renew the alkalinity levels in the gut and blood/gut brain barrier axis point.  When the blood is positive and correctly alkaline; disease cannot live in a properly oxygenated, alkaline rich environment. 

13 You shall season all your grain offerings with salt. You shall not let the salt of the covenant with your God be missing from your grain offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt.
                           -Leviticus 2:13

      Researchers have found that sodium (Celtic salt)– the main chemical component in  salt – is a unique “on/off” switch for a major neurotransmitter receptor in the brain.Aug 20, 2013


    So, we combine the salt with lemon and cayenne pepper(3-10) times a day, (depending on what the body is telling you) The more we consume the quintessential minerals and herbs….the more we are able to reinvigorate and realkanalize the body’s red and white blood cell count=No cancer or dis ease. Life and death is in the blood-(Leviticus 7:14) and we must keep the blood clean in order to keep the environment alkaline/rich (and vice versa).

      So we now know that cancer and dis ease is an issue of mineralization , Hypoxia and a parasitical or bacterial overgrowth( ). What herbs are known for killing parasites and excess bacteria?  Herbs like wormwood and hyssop(Hyssop is an herb that has been claimed to treat various ailments, including ulcers, herpes, and cancer.Oc Combining these 2 herbs is very effective at destroying and releasing the parasitical issue invading the body and/or brain. Fasting combined with herbs will help with the decalcification process and herbs will helps to capitulate and forward the movement of autophagy or cellular regeneration. (

    Combining fasting, herbs and celtic salt will help to heal  the body of all disease. This dis ease only leaves through prayer and fasting(Mark 9:28), also “I have given you every green herb” (Genesis 1:29)and “you shall salt all of your meals and sacrifices regularly”(Leviticus 2:13)

   By combining these covenants and biblical principles, we are able to reverse almost all dis ease, cancer and/or issues of the blood.“No disease will I place upon you”-(Exodus 15:26). The Bible is a basic instruction book that guides us on how to keep the blood clean and how to avoid cancer and/or early cellular death(dis ease).  Fasting creates autophagy(cellular regeneration) and Prayer sets the positive intention(Mark 9:23). Combine all healing modality’s for maximum cellular regeneration.


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  • Cristina

    Can you list of the herbals i would need to fight the big C. Im drinking sour sop, essiac, taking black seed oil. Help please. And thank you

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