Parasite Cleanse for Dogs (Inflammation & Pain Help for Your Pet)

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Did you know that inflammation and pain, including diseases and most cancers, are caused by parasites? It's no different in our beloved pets.

Exposure to parasites for our four legged friends is high. They eat EVERYTHING, and they don't think, "Hey, this may not be good for me." before they do it. Road kill... no problem. Rotten garbage... yup. Feces... blah and yes.

The havoc these parasites create in our sweet friends bodies can be just as detrimental to them as they are to us, creating both physical and emotional damage that, left untreated, can make them half the pup they used to be. Seeing them suffer is never easy, and their sad eyes tell us what they can't put into words.

What if I told you that you can help them by cleansing their bodies from the little critters that cause so much damage?


At Restored Identity, we get a LOT of questions about helping our non-verbal family members! And since we have our own furry friends that we want to keep healthy and happy, Amy has developed a new Parasite Cleanse especially for these precious boys and girls.

Most pet parasite cleanses have fillers and toxins that can cause issues in other ways. But here at Restored Identity, we have perfected a 100% organic, toxin and filler free alternative called Parabye Pets!

So, how does it work?

It starts with a highly specialized blend of organic Fennel, Oregano, Pumpkin Seed, Wormwood, Clove, and Oregon Grape Root.

It's as simple as giving them a capsule twice a day (or mixing the capsule ingredients into their food) for three weeks.

Preventatively, you'll want to do a parasite cleanse for dogs and cats twice a year, so that you and your loyal companions can continue to thrive!

Visit our website today, and order the pet freedom in a bottle! We offer free shipping and ways to cleanse and heal your body, too!

Let's get back to basics, Y'all!


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  • Christine McManus

    I purchased the DIY Hair Growth Pack. I need the directions/measurements of how much herbs & jojoba oil to mix. Also how to apply & how often. Tks Christine

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