The Best Parasite Cleanse Kit (And Why You Need It)

Worms. According to the CDC there are THOUSANDS of parasite infections in the United states alone. And the havoc they reek on our systems cannot be overstated!

So how do these parasites, ranging in size from 100 nanometers (viruses) to 20 feet long (tape worms) make us a host and cause so much damage?

Well, it starts with the food we eat and the water we drink... and since Americans (and most nations) consume foods and beverages all day long, there is a large window for parasites to dig their claws in, pun intended. 

Let's talk pork, for example:

According to the website The Life Tree, "The larval migration of pork tapeworm represents the most dangerous infection of all the tapeworms. In the brain, the worms can create a condition known as cysticercosis, which can produce seizures and brain deterioration."


And seriously... America is OBSESSED with pork. Bacon is not only a staple for breakfast, but putting it in beans, adding it to Macaroni and Cheese, on burgers, in BLTs, and with bacon ice cream being a definite "thing", we're just asking for parasite infections. 

Sushi is also teeming with these microscopic squatters. As a whole, there is a trend of adding more, not less parasite infected food into this SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle.

Some tap water has been found to have harmful parasites, too! According to Indy Soft Water,  "Both here in the United States and abroad, even if your tap water is running clear, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. The microscopic parasite Giardia, for example, is found in every region of the US."


Also, our furry little pets can be carriers of parasites and inadvertently pass some creepy crawlies to us as well.

It seems our exposure to these troublemaking freeloaders are almost guaranteed when you weigh all of the potential vulnerability points.

So, how do you know if you have parasites? Besides taking tests, the symptoms can be very telling.

For example, did you know that some allergies, chronic headaches, eating disorders, digestive and neurological issues along with many diseases are caused by - or as a direct result of - parasites?

We know. It's UNBELIEVABLE! But it's true!

If you find that you have one of more of these issues, and may have parasites, DON'T PANIC! We can help!

First, we're going to suggest that you stop eating things that are high in parasites. No joke, these things make us SICK. And we're talking... Sick sick. Believe it or not, you can give up bacon! And if it means not having the aches and pains that keep us from enjoying the things that we love... it's definitely worth it!

Secondly, water can be filtered. Alexapure and Berkey have water filter systems that kill some of these pests and we have a full page on our favorite system produced by Kangen Water, here.

Now... here's the great part! It's easy to kill these guys, you just need the right mixture of herbs and a little direction... And Restored Identity has you covered on both counts!

Our Parasite Killer Kit was not only the first of it's kind, but it is also the best parasite cleanse kit on the market still and comes with easy-to-follow instructions and tips.

And we're not just calling it the best - check out what our customer Sam had to say: "I have Paraguard and it didn't work for me like the parasite killer product of yours. Not even close. I'm being completely honest. I was amazed. First product to do that! Thank you for amazing products!" Check out more testimonials here!

With 100% organic ingredients and zero fillers or preservatives, what's not to love?

You can heal! You can give your body a helping hand! And you can evict the parasites that cause you so much pain! From our personal experience we've learned that cleansing for six to twelve months can reverse almost every illness in your body. It's the best gift you can give yourself!

Visit our website today, and order the Best Parasite Killer Kit available!

We offer free shipping and many, many ways to cleanse and heal your whole body. We even have help for your precious pets! (You can read about how to help dogs and cats here.)

Let's get back to basics, Y'all!

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