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Introducing "Booze Snooze" Herbal Glycerin Extract – your discreet and empowering companion for nights on the town, offering a sophisticated alternative to alcohol consumption. This pocket-sized elixir is a blend of passionflower, California poppy, skullcap, tulsi holy basil, chamomile, and lemon balm, designed to support your journey to sobriety while keeping your commitment private and chic.

Benefits of Booze Snooze:

Passionflower: Infused with the calming essence of passionflower, Booze Snooze helps quell restlessness and anxiety, providing a discreet and tranquil escape from the pressures of social situations without compromising composure.

California Poppy: Escape the buzz without sacrificing enjoyment with California poppy. This herb offers a subtle sedative effect, allowing you to relax and revel in the moment, making Booze Snooze the perfect discreet companion for a night out.

Skullcap: Maintain your cool and composure with the calming influence of skullcap. This herb supports a steady nervous system, helping you navigate social scenarios with ease while steering clear of alcohol.

Tulsi Holy Basil: Empower your decision to abstain from alcohol with the adaptogenic properties of Tulsi holy basil. Enhance mental clarity, emotional resilience, and stay in control of your choices with Booze Snooze.

Chamomile: Indulge in the calming properties of chamomile, discreetly tucked away in Booze Snooze. Soothe your senses, ease into the evening, and relish the benefits of this herb without the need for a drink.

Lemon Balm: Add a touch of zest to your night with lemon balm. This herb not only provides a refreshing flavor but also helps alleviate stress, ensuring you can enjoy your time out without relying on alcohol.

Booze Snooze Herbal Glycerin Extract is the discreet solution for those who choose a sober lifestyle without sacrificing the enjoyment of social gatherings. With its portable design and powerful blend of supportive herbs, Booze Snooze is your secret weapon for navigating nights out with confidence, style, and a clear mind. Elevate your experience and embrace a healthier choice with Booze Snooze – your discreet escape from the alcohol norm.

Available in a 1 ounce travel size or a 4 ounce bottle.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda Bourgeois
Works great!

Since taking this I've been alcohol free for 3 months now and going strong. Highly recommend!

Kelly Miller

Elps me sleep all through the night

Just right

Love this product! It’s just the right amount of relaxation I need for a stressful day.

Karen L Smith
I'm taking a break from wine

I love my glass or two of wine in the evenings. This helps to take the edge off a stressful day.

Kevin Johnson
Alcohol Alternative

Excellent. Takes away anxiety that might trigger a response to drink.