Jab Rehab & Inflammation Kit (Vaccine Cleanse)

Jab Rehab & Inflammation Kit (Vaccine Cleanse)

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Introducing the Jab Rehab Cleanse Kit, a comprehensive solution crafted to support your body's detoxification process, particularly after vaccination. Designed to aid in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, this kit is your ally in restoring balance and vitality.

Key components of the Jab Rehab Cleanse Kit include:

  1. Jab Rehab Capsules: Specifically formulated to aid in detoxification and reduce inflammation caused by vaccination, these capsules provide targeted support for your body's recovery process. These capsules contain White Pine Extract: White pine, containing suramin, reputedly an antidote to recent vaccines, provides additional support in detoxifying the body and promoting overall wellness.

  2. Love Your Liver Capsules: Formulated to support optimal liver function and promote detoxification, Love Your Liver Capsules aid in cleansing the liver, a crucial organ in the body's detoxification process.

  3. Bento Binder Capsules: Designed to pull out heavy metals commonly found in vaccines, Bento Binder Capsules aid in the removal of toxins from the body, supporting the detoxification process.

  4. 7-Day Colon Cleanse: Essential for promoting digestive health and eliminating toxins from the body, this gentle cleanse supports the body's natural detoxification process, promoting overall well-being.

With the Jab Rehab Cleanse Kit, you have everything you need to support your body's recovery from vaccination. Whether you're looking to mitigate vaccine damage, reduce inflammation, or promote overall wellness, this kit provides targeted support to help you feel your best.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrea N.
Great products!

Not only was the packaging great, the pamphlet with suggestions was helpful, the products are not harsh on the belly and they're affordable! Thank you so much.

Michelle V.
Easy to follow

The tea is delicious and the directions for the protocol are well written, making it easy to use. I'm on day four of the seven-day cleanse, and so far it has been quite gentle. Feeling better already!

Rachel S.
Jab rehab & parasite killer

I have Hidradenitis suppurativa phase 2 and have been phase 2 for quite a few years. When I started with the parasite killer I couldn’t wash my lower right leg without extreme burning of the soap due to my constant open wounds. I recently started the jab rehab and I can now wash my right lower leg without any burning. The inflammation is almost gone!!! I’ve started having period cramps, haven’t had them or that in over 3 years!! My warts and moles are disappearing. No more brain fog. I actually want to do stuff like walk, clean house, and do yard work. Sugar cravings are gone!! Finding Restored Identity has truly been a blessing!! I’ve been paralyzed by my disease for so many years I feel like a preteen again! LOL!!

Gina J.

I love that you go the extra to list ingredients & teach others to make! Big blessings to ya!